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Our Services

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Marriage Mentoring

Alfonzo and Gwendolyn Jones are passionate about using their story and extensive training to support, confirm, and validate budding or suffering marriages.  Combined, they hold a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling, focus Marriage and family; multiple certifications, including Marriage Dynamics, Prepare/Enrich and SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Begins) facilitators and wisdom gained from over 14 years of marriage.  We are ready to prepare and equip couples with the necessary tools to restore marital communication, romantic love and intimacy.

Life Coaching

"Here at ASP, we are big hearts with ears."


YOU MATTER TO US and we want to hear your heart. We offer you a safe place to share YOUR truth. We do not believe that you are broken. We will never judge, criticize or try to fix you, only to listen, help you navigate through the pain, and discover your truth. This is your journey, we are your tour guides.

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Grief Recovery 

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Have you been crippled by death, divorce, or one of the over 40 different types of loss?


When you look in the mirror,  do you not recognize the person you see?


Are you plagued with low self-esteem, the inability to say no, or fear of rejection?

Our purpose on this earth is to empower you to recover from past pains and regain control of your life and future.  Our message is simple, YOU MATTER! What you say matters, what you think matters, what you feel matters, and what you want matters! We are your Emotional Wellness and advanced Grief Recovery Specialist.  Uniquely trained to help you fully recover from ANY loss.  Our coaching program has one goal, to identify and correct false belief systems birthed from past pains and to help you regain control of your life.  We’ve got the necessary tools to release you from the pains of bondage and move you to a place of mental, physical, and emotional FREEDOM.  

We are committed to your journey and promise to never judge, criticize, or try to fix you, we will love you genuinely and unconditionally, right where you are!

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