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It takes you to those places you have buried alive and let’s you give them their proper funeral.

I am free, praise the Lord I’m free, no longer bound, no more chains holding me! 

“Grief Recovery literally saved my life!!! Years and years of operating in grief and I didn’t even realize it. When most of us think of grief, we think about death. However, this class opens your eyes to let you see that grief is really deeper than that. It takes you to those places you have buried alive and let’s you give them their proper funeral. Webster I defines recovery as a return to a normal state of health, mind, and strength. The Church defines it as “getting everything back the devil stole from me.” I simply define it as (cue the music)‘I am free, praise the Lord I’m free, no longer bound, no more chains holding me’.” 

Grief recovery helped me find my voice!

Gwendolyn Jones, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Owner & Counselor, ASP Counseling Services

"Grief recovery helped me find my voice! Grief Recovery gave me the tools necessary to better understand and put together the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that was my broken heart. This process forced me to face myself! Many of my foundational belief systems were simply wrong! Completion of this process has completely transformed all of my relationships! I’m now emotionally available to my children, my family, and my husband! My emotional distance caused them to be emotionally distant. Grief Recovery gave me the ability to re-teach my children that their feelings and their truth matters, and the opportunity to work with them to break down the concrete walls around their hearts that I’d taught them to build! I know and they now know that there is strength in vulnerability and power in honesty! Who knew that working on me would save them! This process removed the scabs from my eyes and allowed me to see life and relationships through a clear, new lens. It has transformed every area of my life and I am now honored to have the privilege to walk others through this life changing action program! This process is SO much bigger than me. It’s a gift that will transform many generations!"

Ashley Mitchell

Raleigh, NC

The professional and nonjudgmental care that Mrs. Jones provide me with during our sessions was impeccable. Our sessions have really changed my life around and my perspective on challenges that I face.

Kristi Hartbrodt

Goldsboro, NC

Anytime I am struggling or am just needing someone to talk to these two people are truly my "Safe Place". They create a judgement free, accepting atmosphere where I know I can run to. I would recommend "A Safe Place" to my closest friends and family for their personal needs.

Chaundra Wiggins

Greenville, NC

A Safe place is just that: safe to release all your worries, fears and pains. A warm greeting, a listening ear, great advice and new perspectives are what you're in for.

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A Safe Place to start living your best life ❤

Special thanks to A Safe Place for being EVERYTHING these past weeks. Words cant explain the gratitude and fulfillment that I have received, a better me has come from the aid of A Safe Place. Life is forever better from this organization. Folks if you are seeking marriage/grief counseling this is your place, A Safe Place to start living your best life ❤

I simply needed to be HEARD!

Goldsboro, NC

“I have a voice now. I never knew how important it was just to be heard. That's the best way I can explain it.”

Grief is grief and there is no time limit on it or how you deal with it!

Goldsboro, NC

“Grief Recovery has taught me how to properly deal with raw hurt/brokenness that was caused by others. It also helped me to realize that everyone is not taught how to handle you properly while some just can’t or won’t. My biggest take away in learning that is being okay with walking away from those who can’t or won’t love you properly. Grief is grief and there is no time limit on it or how you deal with it. Never allow others to tell you to get over it or that it’s been long enough. Isolation isn’t healthy and it’s important to give a voice to your grief (what caused you pain). It is there that you will find your healing. Grief Recovery allowed me to see that there are many broken men an women and often times we mask it by saying everything is okay, knowing that isn’t true. More often than not, we try to protect the very person or thing that has caused us grief. NO MORE! The old days of keeping my mouth closed as a woman and dealing with hurt and pain at home is no more.”

Grief Recovery saved my life!

Goldsboro, NC

"Grief Recovery was a life changer for me. I had several prominent deaths in my family as well as a marriage break up. I sought help through another support group earlier on, but I still felt a void. It was like I was in a bubble. I wanted change and knew I needed help getting out. I am so thankful I went to Grief Recovery. Now, I had to put the work in to get results I needed. But they were definitely there for me all the way to the end. Grief Recovery is a program I would strongly recommend to anyone that is dealing with any type of loss: death, divorce, sickness, etc., that truthfully wants to move forward in life."

Karmee Stephenson-Davis

Greenville, NC

It's great to have place where you can talk about things that weigh heavy on the heart and feel as though they have lifted when you leave.

Hannah Laster

Goldsboro, NC

A place/person you can feel safe with, trust and know that who your talking to is there for you when you need them❤

Traye Davis

Greenville, NC

It was very easy and comfortable to open up to someone who really cares. Can't thank you enough, I really appreciate it!

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