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What is A Safe Place?

A Safe Place is the premier destination for personal development services, such as grief counseling, marriage mentoring and life coaching. Founded by Alfonzo and Gwendolyn Jones, A Safe Place seeks to be a place of healing, restoration and discovery. 



Alfonzo Jones II, of Goldsboro, NC, has a special passion for helping people find and pursue their true purpose. For 15 Years, he has helped cooks become full-time truck drivers, cashiers become career military personnel and managers become successful entrepreneurs.

Dream Coach, Podcast host, Grief Recovery counselor,  speaker and consultant, Alfonzo is a ridiculous dreamer and firmly believes in the idea that with the right tools, support and accountability ANY dream you have is achievable. Alfonzo Jones, through workshops, seminars and one-on-one coaching, hopes to equip his clients with the tools necessary to reach any goal, vision or dream they have!


Gwendolyn Jones, MA is an advanced Grief Recovery specialist with a passion to empower women to face and recover from past pains in order to fully embrace their future and regain control of their life. Her Wellness Coaching program focuses on Grief Recovery, boundary setting, and advancement from negative to positive self-perception.


She believes that love conquers all and has successfully led countless women to recovery through her unique ability to create safety by conveying unconditional love and the application of various supportive counseling strategies.  She along with her husband, founded A Safe Place, Emotional Wellness Institute, LLC in October 2017.

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